Oil buying group


The aim of the Oil Group is for us all to get our oil as cheaply as possible.             

When any member is running short of oil they email Roger.  He then emails everybody in the group to see if any others require oil. Once he has received their replies he contacts a number of oil companies and negotiates the best price.  It takes about two weeks from his original email for members to receive a delivery. 

Roger gets a price from 3p to 8p per litre cheaper than members would if they ordered direct from an oil company.

The cost to join the group is £5 per year (which is £1 towards expenses and £4 as a donation to an Ashendon Charity). This year it is the Ashendon Playing Fields.

If there any more information you require please telephone Roger. If you would like to join please let him have:

  • Telephone Number
  • Full address and Post Code 
  • Email address (if you have one)
  • Location of your oil tank



contact details: 

Roger Pike, 3 Forge Close, Ashendon; email roger.pike@talktalk.net; tel 01296 658776