Ashendon in the Domesday Book



Walter holds POLLICOT himself. It answers for 10 hides
Land for 8 ploughs. Two men-at-arms hold from Walter.
In lordship 4 ploughs.

13 villagers with 1 smallholder have 4 ploughs.
slavesmeadow for 8 ploughs.

The total value is and was £6; before 1066 £7.

          Alric son of Goding held 5 hides of this manor, and three
brothers held 5 hides; they could sell to whom they would.

In ASHENDON Richard holds 8 hides from Walter.
Land for 6 ploughs; in lordship 2.

villagers with 4 smallholders have 4 ploughs.
slavesmeadow for 6 ploughs.

Total value £3; when acquired £4; before 1066 100s.
Three brothers held this manor; they could sell to whom they would.



In ASHENDON Vicking holds 8 hides from Miles. Land for 2 ploughs;
they are there, with

Meadow for 2 ploughs.

The value is and always was 30s.
          He held it himself before 1066; he could sell.

Source: Domesday Book, Volume 13, Buckinghamshire, ed. John Morris, Phillimore, Chichester, UK, 1978.


The records show that before the Conquest, Pollicot was owned by Alric, son of Goding, who owned landsthroughout Buckinghamshire. The lands around Ashendon were shared between “three brothers” and Vicking. After the Conquest, Vicking rented his land from Walter.

WALTER GIFFARD - Domesday commissioner; keeper of Windsor Castle; Earl of Buckingham (1100); died 1102. Holdings in 10 counties. It appears that Walter “The Elder” De Gifford, Lord of Longueville,accompanied William at the Battle of Hastings and was one of the knights who killed King Harold. After the battle, Walter became one of William’s tenants-in-chief. However, he died in France in 1084 and since the Domesday Book was compiled in 1085, the Walter Giffard referred to here is his son, who was the first Earl of Buckingham.

MILES CRISPIN - Related to Gilbert Crispin, Abbot of Westminster. Married Maud, daughter of Roger d'Oilly. Inherited Castle at Wallingford on death of Roger. Lands became Honour of Wallingford. Holdings in Berkshire, Surrey and five other neighbouring counties, including Buckinghamshire.